Rovar Pumps, having been established for over 15 years has become an integral part of most industries, we are a company involved in rendering solutions for today's industry and solve your viscous fluid handling problems. Based in Belgaum, India, for more than a decade involved in manufacturing, quality control, selling, installing, and servicing of positive displacement pumps.


Why Rovar

Rovar Pumps provide the perfect pumping solution for some of the most challenging and never tried before applications in the world. We manufacture six different designs of positive displacement in over 75 (seventy five) models under "One Roof". We are one of the very few manufactures in the world that have the broadest range and models in positive displacement pumps.


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Rovar Pumps All Product Catalogue

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Rovar Shuttle block pump RPP Catalogue

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Rovar External gear pump REG Catalogue

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Rovar Internal lobe pump RYT Catalogue

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Rovar Motorised barrel pump RCP Catalogue

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Rovar Internal gear pump RIG Catalogue

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Rovar Progressive cavity pump RSSP Catalogue

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Rovar Twin screw pump RTS Catalogue

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Rovar Selfpriming centrifugal pump RSC Catalogue

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Rovar End suction centrifugal pump GRS Catalogue

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Rovar Pumps for Power Plant Catalogue

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Rovar Pumps O & M Manual

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Rovar Oil purer RCOP Catalogue

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Rovar Coalescer Seperator Catalogue

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